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You'll be hearing more of my "thoughts and opinions" on a wide variety of subjects. Let me know if you'd like to hear from me every once in a while. email me at

All feedback welcomed!

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SOS Software Section

Download Astrological Shareware Programs - We have gathered the best in shareware/freeware programs that can be downloaded directly from here.

Windows 98 Utility files - A bit old, but my favorites and worthwhile stuff I used with Win98. 

Audio & Video tools - More tools that I personally used myself. Good programs, but a bit old now.

Charts ~ Maps ~ Artwork
and other hopefully interesting stuff

Current (and past) Charts & ACG Maps - Interesting & current charts & maps, lunations & eclipses - a collection of charts that we've been looking at. Updated daily (almost) Lots of charts to browse thru. Hi-res graphics.

Earth maps - Mainly maps and planet pictures.

Zodiac Art - A growing collection of cosmic craft artwork.

Some of My Personal Recordings - These are all files that I've personally recorded. Most involve either just me, or family members and some local friends. You'll need Real Audio or Real Media for these. If you don't already have it, download the latest player

While you're visiting, listen to Holst ~ The Planets in Real Audio
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Side A ~ Side B

On-screen or printable ephemeris
1/1/2000 thru 12/31/2009

watch for an ephemeris update through 2015 - coming soon

SOS Weather Data and Information Servers

SOS Earthquake Pages - maps and more!

And now...... Some Lunar Stuff

Eclipse Data - Just what it says. Eclipse information. I'm still working on some of the data sheets and maps. They should all be functioning shortly. I shot some pics of the Aug 28, 2007 lunar eclipse from our front yard with my Canon and an old tripod that I'll try and get posted. I actually got a couple of really nice shots considering....

2000 Void of Course Moon's - (Eastern Time)

Lunar Phase Data 1998 - 2002 - Downloadable and printable.

And yes, I do know that this is for the most part old stuff and I should get some new stuff up, but this data may still be useful to some, so I will leave it up for now. 

I will make a serious effort to get "current" and get some of this stuff updated and hopefully more useful for the interesting times we have coming in the next few years.

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A couple of our personal articles

And, you can't miss some of the new work on my "Favorites & Links" pages - A continual work in process, but you just have to see it.

And ... here are a couple of special and educational astrological sites worth checking (IMHO)

?????? more coming ..... ok, rather than clutter up this page more, I just created a new page specially created for our newer and newest internet friends. Just click here!

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