HAM For Windows - ver 3.0

HAM For Windows - ver 3.0 NEW Version! - 12/14/99!

----------Updated December 14, 1999

A completely unrestricted freeware along with the complete and new User Manual!
(click here to see browser compatible Ham 2.0 Manual) (I have not had the chance yet to update the browser compatible manual to the new 3.0 version yet. I will be doing so shortly and appreciate your patience)


Those who download may find it useful to join HAM-W & Astrolog discussion group. The group has low traffic and technically oriented. The group will discuss the techniques to derive most from Astrolog and HAM-W. To subscribe visit: http://hamw.listbot.com.

HAM-W is a tool for those who would like to do dial work, harmonic analysis, and midpoint work for the people who use Astrolog.

HAM-W is extremely useful for the dial work. It takes midpoint data files created by Astrolog 5.2 and above using 'ma' & 'm' switches (go through the Manual).

HAM-W is Windows based extension of HAM for Dos developed and distributed as freeware by Rajeev Upadhye

HAM-W is Windows based and works well with version 3.x and WIN 95, RAM 4 MB.

This version of HAM-W, being a freeware, is completely unrestricted and gives full of its functionality. In the future versions I plan to include more powerful tools for astrological analysis.

In this  version (version 2.0) you can not have more than three dials but you have a choice of harmonics up to 32. - Version 3.0 has more features, I'll add them shortly....

HAM-W comes in a single (and small) zip file, HAMW30.ZIP. (click to download now)

To install, unzip with Winzip, pkzip or any other .zip file utility program  and click on hamw.exe. The manual is MS-Word 6.0 document format.

After unzipping all the files have to stay in same directory.

Some Features:

- New and improved graphical user interface  
- Wittes' formuale : A+B-C
- Hits to by todays planetary positions sensitive points
- Midpoints triggerd by aspects in transiting planets
- Birth dates hit by transiting planets

- Hits by transiting planets to natal midpoints
- Hits by transiting midpoints to natal planets
- Report on hits by all the planets
- Creation of planetary pictures
- Keep all relevant ephemeris data, aspect data, new moon/full moon data
  handy to analyze harmonic groupings, midpoint hits etc.
- Scroll the zodiac
- Rotate the dial
- Find hits by the transiting midpoints to the natal planets
- Quickly search a particular midpoint
- Find the dates when a transiting planet is hits a particular midpoint
- Generate clues for the interpretation from the keywords
- Clean the scratch-pad

    Download HAMW30.ZIP

Please feel free to circulate this message and this version of HAM-W.

For additional information about HAM-W,  contact Rajeev Upadhye
(email :

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