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'Astrology's Pew in Church'
The classic work on Astrology in the Bible by the Reverend Don Jacobs, aka Moby Dick The Astrologer.
Additional research & articles by Jayj Jacobs

Astrology's Pew in Church, by Moby Dick Jacobs
$12.00 +  S/H  (calculated per order)

Joshua bar Joseph ish Nazareth, by Rev. Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs
$13.00 + S/H ( calculated per order)

About the Author and his work

Astrology Answers its Critics

Only one man was qualified to write this book.

For fifteen years the Reverend Donald J. Jacobs was an adult Sunday School teacher and Methodist Minister. In 1964 he began the Study of astrology that led to his career as 'Moby Dick The Astrologer.' These dual professions made this book possible.

As a biblical scholar Moby read the Bible in several languages and many translations. With a professional's knowledge that the essence of astrology is Cycles in Time, he could see astrology in the Bible where 'horoscopes' were not mentioned. Every reference to astrology in the Old and New Testament is here in context and historical perspective.

The Horoscope of Jesus, calculated historically, Biblically, and astrologically, is fully interpreted with significant transits through His life, and is compared with other proposed horoscopes. It should be noted that after the initial controversy died down and astrologers had time to study the charts, opinion has rallied behind the horoscope Moby has so thoroughly researched.

Continuing research led to supporting Rabbinical tradition by authenticating the Mogen David as the Horoscope of king David with its interlocking Grand Trines.

This collection of articles is the complete work on astrology and religion by Don 'Moby Dick' Jacobs.

This is scholarship at it's best, entertaining and enriching; simple enough for laymen, complete enough for astrologers and clergy.

The years of research that went into 'Astrology's Pew in Church' are also the scientific and astrological backbone of Don Jacobs' novel of the life of the historical Jesus, 'Joshua bar Joseph ish Nazareth,' which he considered the culmination of his life's work. It was published just before his death by the Joshua Foundation.

During a life, in which he packed 100 years of living into 54 years, Moby was a spelunker, a lifeguard, a riverbuster, a scuba diver & a snorkeler. He swan the 'whitewater' rivers that others rafted. He was the first person to pass through the 'Black Canyon of the Gunnison River,' and trained the first pair to swim the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. He wrote of his escapades in the adventure magazines, such as 'Argosy' and 'True Adventure.'

As a youth minister in the 40s he held 'chalk talks' using stage magic to illustrate the Gospel. He later rode a circuit of small town churches in southern Missouri.

Moving to California in the 50s he worked for Warner Brothers in script development (The Naked Earth, etc.), and produced & directed TV adventure shows and commercials. Don wrote, (and had a small part in), the perennial Christmas classic 'The Littlest Hobo.' He was an astrological technical advisor for Hawaii 5-O, and played a university professor knowledgeable about astrology. Moby actually taught astrology at the University of Hawaii's New College, as well through adult education classes at 3 military bases in Hawaii.

In the late 50s & 60s Moby supported his family of five as an award winning salesman & Sales Manager for Britannica's 'Great Books of the Western World' set. This is the University of Chicago's selection of the works most influential on Western Civilization. It was a radio debate on Moby's program 'Great Ideas from the Great Books' that lead him to study astrology.

Moby timed the announcement of his professional astrological practice. He got fullpage coverage in both Honolulu newspapers, and was an instant, respected, celebrity. He was an advisor to local and national Democratic candidates, and his Geopolitical forecast column was a popular feature locally, and in a chain Mid-Atlantic, African-American Newspapers. It was there that he predicted the entire Watergate scenario beforehand. His uncanny accuracy got him a place on one of Nixon's lists & an FBI surveillance file. Agents would attend the Annual Prediction Seminars we co-hosted until Moby's passing in 1981.

The co-author & site designer

Jayj Jacobs is a second-generation, full-time professional astrologer who began his study of the stellar philosophy in 1964 at the age of 15. He was tutored by his father, Don 'Moby Dick The Astrologer' Jacobs. Jayj began his professional practice in '72 when he moved from Hawai'i to San Francisco. His writings have appeared in Astrology Now, ASPECTS, Welcome to Planet Earth, The Mountain Astrologer, and in three of Llewellyn's astrology anthologies!

Jayj has lectured across the US and in Canada on a wide
variety of subjects including: 'Astrology in The Bible',
'Astrology in World Religions', 'The Horoscope of Jesus', 'The
Horoscope in The Star of David', 'How to Talk to the
Skeptical Public About Astrology', 'Astrology, Science &
Superstition', 'Astrology as Philosophy, Religion and
Science", and on many other topics.

Jayj has debated fundamentalist 'Christians' and
fundamentalist 'scientists' in a variety of venues including the
Christian Broadcasting Network, and regional and national
Mensa & CSICOP conventions, and on mainstream Radio &

Jayj is a contributing editor to 'Astrology's Pew in Church' by
his father, Rev. Don Jacobs, a minister and biblical scholar
who became a noted astrologer under the name of Moby
Dick. 'AsPiC' contains every Biblical reference to astrology
in the Bible in historical and astrological context; plus the
Horoscopes of Jesus and David. Email JayjJacobs for
information about ordering this "classic" and for information
about *JOSHUA bar Joseph ish Nazareth* an inspiring novel
of the life of the historical Jesus based on his correct
horoscope, also by the Reverend Don Jacobs.
Jayj is co-author (with Hannibal Giudice) of *The Message of
The Magi* which traces the research and journey of The
Magi from 'the East' where they saw His 'Star' rise, to Herod
in Jerusalem, and to the Christ child in Bethlehem. It
includes dramatic interpretations of the Horoscope/Star of
David, and three readings of
The Horoscope of Jesus.

Astrology Answers its Critics

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