The Horoscope of Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jesus was not born on Christmas Day, and no Biblical scholar or historian will contend that he was. While it has long been recognized that Christmas has roots in winter solstice celebrations and the return of the Sun (Son). Christ's true birthday has remained a mystery (to the public) until now.

Jesus was born on March 1, 7 BCE at 1:21 AM in Bethlehem, Judea.

The accurate date and time of Jesus birth were calculated by retired Methodist minister, Biblical scholar -- and professional astrologer -- the late Reverend Don Jacobs, a.k.a. Moby Dick the Astrologer, using mainframe computer programs after decades of historical, biblical and astrological research.

The "Wise Men" who followed the Star were Magi -- Persian astrologers. The apostle Matthew recounts the tale of the Magi in his gospel account of the nativity of Jesus. In it he presents one of the main reasons we know this birth to be that of "the chosen one" The wisest, most respected scholars on the planet came and told us so. They journeyed to Bethlehem to anoint Him and validate his identity, his future in the world. The Magi were not merely the first gentiles to recognize or accept Jesus. They -- in their professional capacity -- certified that He was The Christ.

The Magi Matthew describes in chapter 2 of his Gospel were well known for ages as the worlds foremost astrologers and are considered "walking universities" by modern historians. The key to unlocking the identity of the Star of Bethlehem, and Jesus birthday, lies in understanding that the Magi came to Jerusalem and Bethlehem inspired by astrological indicators. No merely astroNOMICAL phenomena would have motivated them to make their journey; nor was any supernatural manifestation necessary.

Astronomers who propose visible conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus, occultations of stars, or novae, as the Star of Bethlehem are describing what interests them today, not what would inspire ancient (or modern) astrologers. The common image of a blazing, searchlight-like single star above the manger is from "the gospel according to Hallmark," Jacobs says, rather than from any New Testament source. The term 'star' in ancient times did mean a single light in the heavens, which included the planets -- and was also commomly understood to designate a group of stars, or a horoscope.

Two thousand years ago the heavenly alignments were of such monumental implication as to compel the wisest astrologers of those times to embark on perhaps the most significant journey in the history of the world. The rarest of all celestial phenomena was unfolding in the heavens, a once in 25,000 years meeting of the two zodiacal cycles - the Tropical and Sidereal. It was an astrological encounter between the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end of the longest recognized astrological cycle. It was the dawning of the new age of Pisces and the beginning of a whole new grand cycle of ages.

Additionally, in 7 BCE, the planets Jupiter and Saturn were conjoining each other 3 times is the sign Pisces. That is to say, the planets that indicate the birth of kings were meeting in the sign traditionally associated with the Jews. Finally, in the first hours of March 1st, the Sun, Moon, Venus, and the undiscovered Uranus, joined the king-makers in Pisces. Dr. David H. Menke, executive director at the Copernican Space Science Center calculates that it was a "planetary lineup that happens once in five million years".

Complete modern horoscopes contain around 100 multilevel indicators that describe a persons character and behavior -- the Magi were working with fewer factors, since the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not yet discovered. To them, someone having five of the seven known planets in Pisces was "absolutely unheard of" says Noel Tyl, a prominent lecturer in the growing specialty of applying astrology to the study of history and biography.

Jesus has the Sun and Moon, plus four the known other planets (and Uranus) in Pisces, with Sagittarius as the Ascendant. Neptune, the planet astrologers associate with spirituality, is powerfully placed -- Trine -- the Pisces planets; it also adds an aura of mystique or mystery. Pluto, an indicator of purposefulness and personal power is opposite the stellium in Pisces. It promises an awareness life, death and rebirth. Plutonian principles include transformation, transubstantiation and transfiguration.

"The Horoscope of Jesus is even more impressive than the Magi could possibly have known." says the noted astrologer and biblical scholar Jayj Jacobs (son of Reverend Jacobs). He describes it as "the most powerful horoscope the heavens have ever drawn, and perhaps ever will". The birth chart is "awesome... it is overwhelming in power, compassion and miraculous healing ability." says Hannibal Giudice, co-author of "The Message of The Magi" a play about The Magi's discovery of the horoscope, and the motivations for their journey.

The opinion of world's leading astrological experts on this subject has reached a consensus. This is the Horoscope of Jesus.

The epic journey of The Magi has now been validated beyond any reasonable doubt. Recent archeological evidence along with biblical and astrological scholarship were finally assisted by modern computer technology in piercing the veil of mystery surrounding this enigmatic event. The advent of mainframe computers in the 1970s allowed the biblical scholar and astrologer the Reverend Don Jacobs to turn back the celestial clock back 2,000 years and finally resolve this age old mystery; the true birthchart of the historical Jesus! His exhaustive and irrefutable research fulfilled a lifelong mission and gives us a wealth of fresh insight into the man incarnated at that incredible moment in time. Astrologers, now using personal computers, are investigating the life of the historical Jesus and exploring His message through an examination of his birth chart.

One of the many interesting surprises that has emerged from the ongoing research on the biblical Magi is that the legend of a black Magus now appears to be a near certainty. This introduces new and expanded cultural dimensions in the Christmas drama.

Historical records reveal that the birth of the Avatar of the age of Pisces, and Avatar of all Avatars (King of Kings) for all cycles of time was anticipated by the Magi's predecessor the great Gjamasp centuries earlier. Jewish astrologers in residence in ancient Sippar, during and after the time of the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, collaborated with their Babylonian contemporaries and linked Gjamasp's prediction with Hebrew prophecies of the Messiah.

By journeying to Bethlehem, the Magi were quite literally doing what was part of their historical job - to identify and anoint the most significant individuals who would shape the fate of nations, the history of the world, and the destiny of humanity. Until now, we knew only of their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but their message had been lost. We now know what was revealed to the parents of the infant Jesus at that fateful encounter in Bethlehem. As astrologers they would have interpreted the child's chart to his parents, and forecast the course of his life and mission. No astrologer would have done otherwise.

The planet Jupiter has returned to its natal position in Jesus chart and astrologers say new revelations about the character and philosophy of Jesus will be publicized. "Since astrologers were among the first to recognize Jesus, and since our technology gives us a unique perspective on the man and his mission, what we have to say about Him should be recognized now." Jacobs contends.

"The information contained in this birth chart has and will continue to fill volumes. It unquestionably speaks of an individual who will bring to the world the channel through which miraculous healing of the mind and the body can occur, based on the principals of compassionate and selfless love. The astrologically interpreted message that the Magi brought was anticipated to come to full fruition at this very moment in history," according to Giudice.

Many astrologers see a message of hope, inspiration and salvation for our time. The anointing (Epiphany) of Joshua bar Joseph ish Nazareth, "paved the way for the fulfillment of the promise of the age of Pisces. Universal, compassionate love expressed by humanity will create the ultimate union with the Creator, the realization of the dream of heaven on earth," claims Giudice

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Joshua bar Joseph ish Nazareth, by Reverend Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs
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The Horoscope of Jesus, calculated astrologically, historically, and Biblically, by Don 'Moby Dick' Jacobs

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